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The Orange Box Challenge is the latest innovation in fitness created by the team at Xperience Fitness.

Orange Box Fitness is designed to teach the science of weight loss, provide the tools needed to stay on track, and give unlimited support and inspiration in a private Facebook group. The secret is the community of support from the coaches and other challengers who are in the same boat, facing the same obstacles, and on the same journey. We are right there beside them every step of the way.  


In addition, it is set up as a live 8-week challenge, which gives participants a definite point to aim for. Long enough for it to really make a difference, but short enough that they can easily finish the challenge. We bring expertise that normally comes at a premium, but because of the group setting, we can include our registered dietician and doctor of physical therapy with weekly sessions and live Q&As. 


We recognize the challenges people face with weight loss and provide a pathway to help them work through those challenges. After one 8-week challenge, we believe people will be well on their way to a healthier lifestyle - which is why we say participants really are "just one challenge away" from transformation.

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